Monday, January 12, 2009

Not So Bad

Marisa Tomei's Golden Globe outfit

I was going through Yahoo's "worst dressed at the Golden Globes" slideshow. And while a lot of them were indeed GOD-AWFUL, this outfit was there and I don't think it's horrible at all!

Yahoo says: "Shiver me timbers! Marisa Tomei should have walked the plank for sporting this swashbuckler-inspired ensemble."

First of all, this doesn't scream pirate at me...more like vampire. And vampire is hot now apparently. But really, the outfit fits her really well and it's just put together. Classy, elegant. I like it. It's not a worst dressed at all! Fail yahoo!

Click the image for full size view

Next time I'll make a "get this look" cheap version and a male "get this look."
Surprisingly fun to make.

Via Yahoo


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  2. sorry hot pants, i'm gonna have to back yahoo on that one...this outfit is pretty ugly.


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