Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I never knew anything on Yahoo could be more fun than Text Twist!

I originally went on Yahoo Answers so I could solve a problem of my elliptical machine's digital screen thing being broken. While waiting around for someone to give me an answer, I explored the world of Yahoo Answers. This is what one girl seriously asked:

how can i say "whats up" in a cool way? you know how some scene kids said they dont reply to "whats up" or "how are you"

i already know "supp@chuu"

do you know of any REALY GOOD ones??

Another girl asked Which of these girls is prettier? And she posts up a link with a tan blonde girl and this pale brunette girl. One of the answers was "hot azz mess, which one is you?"

Yahoo Answers is definitely one of the best forms of entertainment around! You have to go see for yourself. BTW my elliptical question never got solved.

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  1. LOL. that is HILARIOUS and i too have discovered yahoo answers long ago! If you dig you can find some crazy shit, like one time i found this lady that randomly posts sex advice/FICTIONAL PORNOGRAPHIC STORIES. it's CRAZY

    but text twist IS really fun


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