Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Ayo Technology

Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce: My iPod.


The backstory: Last year there was a week of my life when God was working against me in all ways. It was spring break, I had a project due, I lost my cell phone somewhere in the Florida Keys, and then top it off with my new Ipod falling out my sweatshirt pocket onto the exact spot that causes the LCD screen to crack and ink to bleed all over the LEFT SIDE of the screen ironically, or not ironically, the side I need to see navigate the menus.

In my anger and frustration I went to the apple store and DEMANDED they replace it because 1. I just bought it, and 2. It's not my fault their piece of shit breaks because it ACCIDENTALLY fell out of my pocket...ie. I've dropped ipods a million times before in the 4 years I've owned one and this has NEVER happened. Well the Steve Jobs Jr. Douchebags were like "WAH WAH WAH We don't replace for those kinds of accidents." Fine Apple store, f**k you. I'll never shop here again. A**holes.

So my next idea was to send it in for battery replacement and hopefully they don't notice the screen is destroyed. Except I knew that would never work and that if I sent it in I'd be ipod-less...and half an ipod is better than none at all. So I just learned how to navigate (ie. memorized) all the menus and songs and navigated that way. Besides sometimes, if you held it at the right angle, you could see fine...and if there was no blacklight it was easy to see the words.

However...that shit got old fast so I had to find something to fix this problem. And then, like an angel from heaven, Ebay came to my rescue. (Life motto: When all else fails, try ebay). Now while it is easy enough to just buy a new iPod on ebay, you'll still be shelling out atleast $100. Unacceptable.

So if you ever find yourself in my situation: broke, desperate...I want you to know that it is possible to just buy a replacement LCD screen. And the best part: $18!!!!!! (FREE SHIPPING TOO~)! The only catch is that you have to replace it yourself (for this price. You can also send it in to a third party shop and have them fix it)...but I mean...if you can read instructions and have patience it's not that bad. I DID IT!! And you also void your apple warranty by taking the ipod apart...but honestly that apple shit is worthless. They pretty much don't cover anything that actually DAMAGES your ipod aka the stuff you ACTUALLY do to break it. Drop it in water...screwed; drop it on the ground...screwed; sit on it....screwed; have it destroyed by someone else...screwed.

Anyway, here's some pics of my LCD replacement story.

Failpod GONE

It's really intimidating inside.

The faceplate that's SUPPOSED to protect your LCD screen...don't know what happened to mine. I should've told the apple people their FAULTY SHIT faceplate is why my LCD broke.
That little white dot thing is the middle clicker button...so innocent!

And that concludes my ipod rant and what you should do in the case your ipod ever looks like the first picture.

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