Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The big daddy of frisbees

Are you ready to take Ultimate Frisbee to the next level? Then toss your wimpy frisbees aside for the the Wham-O Heavyweight Frisbee. This baby can fly through the fiercest winds, soar higher and farther, and it can even help you sculpt those already chiseled frisbee throwing arms. Okay, so, maybe it won't exactly do that last thing, but it's still a pretty awesome frisbee to own.

Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom

Just because she's a mama now doesn't mean M.I.A. is m.i.a.

Just because M.I.A. has a baby now doesn't mean
that she will be kicked out of the music scene forever.
I mean, yea, she was featured in Rye Rye's "Bang",
but c'mon now, that doesn't really count, since the
WHOLE TIME she's just repeating "bang bang bang bang"
over and over again. Luckily, in my internet travels today,
I came across this new M.I.A. verse featured in
Major Lazer's new mixtape. Love it. And how fitting is it
that it begins with M.I.A. spitting out "I say where's the daddy?"
over some kind of baby sound. I miss you M.I.A.!

Download via Pitchfork
(The M.I.A. track begins at 11:20)

HEAR HEAR: Chromeo: DJ-Kicks

New Chromeo album drops on September 29!! So, while you're waiting, they've provided you with a free download of one of the new album's tracks. It's their cover of the Eagles' "I Can't Tell You Why".

Download the track here. Email required

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

NEW Club Hits

Pardon my french, but THIS SHIT IS HOT.
OMFG. My new club song of the next 2 months.
And I don't even like Akon that much. D. GUETTS IS A MIRACLE.

And also NEW CROOKERS?! July is a great month.
In case you didn't know, Crookers did that BAMF remix of Day'N'Nite that is way better than the original IMO. And they just have generally awesome, bass heavy songs.

This is awkward.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Slow Your Roll

As someone who can't take the boost/jitters that comes with energy drinks I really appreciate this invention:


"An Acupuncture Session"
I imagine it being like laughing gas without the creepy nose mask.

So basically this is awesome because more often than not people need to STFD, not stay awake. Red Bull while studying will just make you anxious, hyper and have bad nerves. Slow Cow while studying = calm and relaxed.

I'll take a 12 pack please.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

TRON 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 echooooo

So I'm not even gonna lie...this looks pretty awesome. I might have to go rent the first movie now.
But OMG, really how sweet would it be if there were really motorcycles like that. And clothes.


Speaking of Tron, there's this awesome little computer game called Armagetron Advanced which is a copy guessed it...TRON! It's actually really fun and addictive and it has the capability of going online so you can go all TRON with your friends. PWN some B's. And then when the movie comes out you'll be like OH F! I totally can understand this now! Because Armagetron is funnnnn.

Tips For an Exciting Lifestyle: ROLLER Coaster 4REAL


This looks absolutely terrifying and absolutely thrilling at the same time. I WISH there was a ride like this.

Via 9GAG

Saturday, July 25, 2009


I got these two gems in an email. Priceless.

BAM MF! We need that in slow motion.


Living the Good Life

Oh man, rocks + skateboard = HATREDY. I totally feel his pain. Although, if Ice Cube ran over my skateboard I'd be a little less civil.

YEAH, I SKATEBOARD. into lakes.

Song: Today Was a Good Day by Ice Cube

Thursday, July 23, 2009

My BFF sends me the most awesomest stuff via facebook wall-to-wall

Phoenix announces tour dates!

Yes, these dates are for this fall. Oh, and I bolded all the U.S. tour dates. You're welcome.

07/24 Cambridgeshire, England - Secret Garden Festival
07/25 Dorset, England - Camp Bestival
08/01 Jakarta, Indonesia - Bengkel Night Park
08/03 Melbourne, Australia - The Palace
08/04 Melbourne, Australia - The Palace
08/05 Sydney Australia - Enmore Theatre
08/07 Tokyo, Japan - Summer Sonic
08/08 Osaka, Japan - Summer Sonic
09/13 Morrison, CO - Monolith Festival
09/16 Los Angeles, CA - Greek Theatre
09/17 San Francisco, CA - The Warfield
09/19 Salt Lake City, UT - Urban
09/21 Omaha, NE - Slowdown
09-22 Minneapolis, MN - First Avenue *
09/23 Chicago, IL - Riviera Theatre *
09/25 New York, NY - Rumsey Playfield
09/26 New York, NY - Rumsey Playfield
09/28 Philadelphia, PA - The Electric Factory *
09/30 Atlanta, GA - Variety Playhouse *
10/01 New Orleans, LA - Tipitina's *
10/02 Austin, TX - Austin City Limits
10/13 Montpellier, France - Le Rockstore *
10/14 Lyon, France - Le Transbordeur *
10/15 Strasbourg, France - La Laiterie *
10/16 Lille, France - L'Aeronef *
10/17 Caen, France - Le Cargo *
10/19 Paris, France - Zenith *
10/20 Bordeaux, France - Rock School Barbey *
10/21 Toulouse, France - Le Bikini *
10/22 Nantes, France - L'Olympic *
10/24 Birmingham, England - O2 Academy 2 *
10/25 Glasgow, Scotland - Arches *
10/26 Bristol, England - O2 Academy *
10/27 Manchester, England - Academy 2 *
10/28 London, England - O2 Academy Brixton *
11/07 Stockholm, Sweden - Debaser Medis
11/08 Gothenburg, Sweden - Brew House
11/09 Oslo, Norway - Rockefeller
11/10 Copenhagen, Denmark - Vega
11/12 Hamburg, Germany - Hamburg Docks
11/13 Bielefeld, Germany - Ringlokschuppen
11/14 Cologne, Germany - E-Werk
11/15 Munich, Germany - Munich Theaterfabrik
11/17 Stuttgart, Germany - Zapata
11/18 Frankfurt, Germany - Cocoon Club
11/19 Dortmund, Germany - FZW Eldoradio
11/20 Mannheim, Germany - Alte Feuerwache
11/21 Berlin, Germany - Huxleys

* When Chairlift opens their show via Pitchfork

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

You Know What Really Grinds My Gears: SOULJA BOY

HOLY F. If there is one person on this planet I absolutely cannot stand (other than Sarah Palin) it is SOULJA BOY. I WISH HE WOULD STFD.

Why the F is he wearing a neck pillow for 90% of this video?! HE HAS NO SWAG.

I'll admit, Crank That was hot for like five seconds but who told this FOOL to record more stuff?! And why would ANY radio station in their right mind play this shit?! I don't know what grinds my gears more...the RIDICULOUS content of his songs, the RIDICULOUS TITLES of his songs, or how AWFUL his voice/"rap" is.

Can I just point out that his "songs" consist of a single line repeated over and over followed by him having a conversation with the microphone. He doesn't even rap! He just runs his stupid f'ing mouth off and makes me want to kill myself.

Let's go through some of his songs:

Doo Doo Head
She's a Doo Head, Ha mouth stank
A Doo Doo Head, Ha mouth stank
She's a Doo Head, Ha mouth stank
A Doo Doo Head, Ha mouth stank

I was at this party talking to this bitch, when she open up ha mouth and it smelled like shit,
Im like got damn whats going on, shawty u look right, but yo breathe smell wrong, I said
doo doo head you's a doo doo head, and that bitch got mad and ha friend got sad, so she
sayin to me why u do me like that, i said damn lil shawty cause u need tic tacs, AAAAYYY

Crank That Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson in this mirror,
oh look I am shaking spheres
I crank to never land
and I move of that***
I jump on he he
I jump on he he
I jump on he he
I jump on

(This is the whole song).

(Hey, SoulJa Boy, can I get your autograph?) Yahhh, Bitch, Yahhh!
(Yo, Arab, I really like you, man) Yahhh, Bitch, Yahhh!
(Is Collipark-) Yah, Yah, Bitch, Yah Yahhh!
(Yeah, I was wonderin, can I be on your next-) Yahhh, Yahhh, Bitch!

Get out my face hoe
Get out my face hoe
Get out my face hoe
Get out my face hoe
Get out my face hoe
Get out my face hoe
Get out my face hoe
Get out my face (Yahhh!)

Gucci Bandana
Ey, Gucci Bandanna, Gucci, Gucci Bandanna,
Ey, Gucci Bandanna, Gucci, Gucci Bandanna,
Ey, Gucci Bandanna, Gucci, Gucci Bandanna,
Ey, Gucci Bandanna, Gucci, Gucci Bandanna,
Ey, Gucci Bandanna, Gucci, Gucci Bandanna,
Ey, Gucci Bandanna, Gucci, Gucci Bandanna,
Ey, Gucci Bandanna, Gucci, Gucci Bandanna,
Ey, Gucci Bandanna, Gucci, Gucci Bandanna

I Got Me Some Bapes
[Soulja Boy:] Aye Rab mayne i just got back from the mall mayne guess what I got?
[Arab:] What you get Soulja Boy
[Soulja Boy:] Mayne I got me some bathing apes

[Chorus x4]
I got me some bathing apes
I got I got me some bathing apes
I go I got me some bathing apes
I got I got I got me some bathing apes

Booty Meat

Yall Dis 1 Rite Hur Is For All Dem Gurlz Wit Dat Bootymeat
Bootymeat [X4]

Girl Shake Dat Bootymeat Dat Bootymeat Shake Dat Bootymeat Dat Bootymeat
Girl Shake Dat Bootymeat Dat Bootymeat Dat Bootymeat Dat Bootymeat
Gurl Shake Dat Bootymeat Dat Bootymeat Shake Dat Bootymeat Dat Bootymeat Gurl Shake
Dat Bootymeat Dat Bootymeat Dat Bootymeat Dat Bootymeat

10 On Pump 4

My Squad Hoppin' Out At 6:45,(6:45)
I Neva Get Sleep So Im Alwayz Tired

Ey, What You Heard,We On Da Scene

I Need 10 On Pump 4,We Buyin' Gasoline
Ey, What You Heard,We On Da Scene
I Need 10 On Pump 4,We Buyin' Gasoline
Ey, What You Heard,We On Da Scene
I Need 10 On Pump 4,We Buyin' Gasoline

I can't stand this man. And what part him things he has so called "~SWAG~"?! Soulja Boy is such a cliche rap name, he couldn't come up with anything better? SWAG MY ASS. He probably read the name in a Kanye West album booklet. And what the hell is iSouljaBoyTellEm.Com? GTFO OF THE SUBURBS. "SOULJAS" DON'T HAVE INTERNET OR IPODS.




Monday, July 20, 2009

Hidden America

Last weekend I went on a road trip to no man's land (read: Southern Illinois). I call it no man's land because there is nothing interesting about Illinois outside of Chicago. There are corn fields, corn fields, corn fields, the occasional John Deere outlet store, and more corn fields.

Well this weekend I learned that there's actually a portion of Illinois that is kind of breath-takingly beautiful and NOT corn field. The area along the Mississippi River is absolutely stunning. It's very reminiscent of those coastal highways in California. Winding roads going through surprisingly large bluffs...(I know, I didn't know there were mountains in Illinois either).

And it's really cool because it's not the crazy busy commercial Mississippi River I'm used to. People actually take their yachts and jet ski's onto the river and have a grand ole' time. Here are the obligatory photography pictures I took on my trip:

First I went to a little park on a bluff like.....100 feet above the ground. It was high. These were the stairs to the park. And a cobblestone road! Very New England/San Francisco.

Lots of textures, and aged things. I was in black and white heaven.

Anyway, here's an unremarkable photo of the stunning view. You can see the road below. I was feeling uninspired because the sky was so ugly I guess, so I only have this photo of the view... At any rate, you can see the St. Louis skyline from this spot...though not in this picture.

AFTER THE PARK, I went to ANOTHER park...but this one is on the ground and it gives access to the water. There was this lonely little bridge thing on it. I guess people can go stand on top of it because the stairs weren't blocked off. I didn't for fear of my life.

Besides, the things under the bridge were much cooler....LIKE GRAFFITI. Here's a hoodlum caught in the act. JK, it's just my little cousin modeling for me.

And safety takes a backseat at this park. There are no barriers to the water...So I mean, false step and you roll down this hill into the Mississippi River where the butch undercurrents probably sweep you Huckelberry Finn.

And finally, I took a trip down River Road. And it was STUNNING. Does this even LOOK LIKE Illinois?!

Caught this SKETCH ferry from like....Maine or 1800 across the river. It was really weird.

Don't let the ferry sink because spiders took over the life vest containers. 4 of about 30.


Here's a little bar from this small town on the river. It is "Biker Friendly". And there were TONS of bikers on this road. Not surprising. Who wouldn't want to cruise down through this scenery on a bike?


The musical remix on the Climate bill. I need a copy for my ipod.
Loving that gospel "FREEDOM" bit.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Name that Tapir!

The Belfast Zoo is in need of a name for their new baby tapir who was born on June 22. All you have to do is shoot them an email with your name suggestion and up to 100 words of why it would be suitable for this baby tapir. The closing date for entries is July 31!

Where'd you get your dress from?
Forever 21
Where'd you get your couch from?
Forever 21

The addition of plus-sized wear, swimsuits and men's clothing to their stores was just the beginning! Forever 21 is now going to enter themselves into the beauty and home categories. The new merchandise will first be introduced to their larger stores, later this year, before it hits all Forever 21s. [via WWD]

Family Guy nominated for best comedy series Emmy!

Family guy is the second animation series ever to be nominated in this catergory, the first being the Flinstones in 1961. Family Guy will be competing along side Entourage, The Office, 30 Rock, Weeds, How I Met Your Mother and Flight of the Concords. Good job on picking those idea balls, manatees. You did well. [via Digg]

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Who would win in a battle of the bands, Creed/Nickelback or these guys?

I really don't know.

Skyecandy: The birthchild of Skype and speed dating

So what exactly is all this Skyecandy hoo-rah-rah? Well, basically, you get these 5 minute speed dating sessions via Skype and after you're done webcam chatting with the other person, you have a one minute interval where you get to choose YES or NO on your potential internet mate. If both you and your date choose YES, it's considered a match and you can Skype each other for internet real. And fall in internet love.

Shake it like a Diana Instant Back+ picture!

Move over Polaroid! You've had your chance all these years, and then you go and discontinue possibly the greatest invention that you've brought into our world! At least Lomography is willing to keep instant photography alive. I introduce to you the Diana Instant Back+, the newest member of the Diana+ family. This attachment easily clips onto the back of the camera and is compatible with all of the other Diana+ acessories. It uses Fuji Instax Mini film, which is still in constant production so you never have to worry about your instant photo-fun coming to an end. So hop back on the instant photo-fun train! All you need is $95 (and that's just for the attachment...) and then you'll be off to the start of your adventure in instant photo-fun land!!

Ebony vs Ivory

In case you've missed Kotaku's announcement last month, because apparently I did, Nintendo is launching out their new black Wiis in Japan on August 1. The new consoles are exactly like the originals, except, duh, they're black. No word yet on when these new Wiis will hit the states, but when they do, everyone will be able to match their Wiis with all their other game consoles, because those white PS3s are just plain tacky.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Do you love editing photos but are tired of the basic features of Microsoft Paint? Then OH HO HO do I have the freebie for you.


Corel is offering up a FREE download of Paint Shop Pro 10. Now I can't personally vouch for this yet...for my download is at 60%, BUT I have used Corel Painter and that program is pretty BAMF.


The Hangar - Bionic Commando
by arcipello

So, download it. I'm sure it will be better than MS Paint. And it's free (normally $40.) YEAHHHH FREEBIES.

Sorry, if you like to suck Steve Job's D then this isn't the download for you. THIS AIN'T NO .DMG FOOL.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Gilt Jewelery Sale

I just want to call attention to the jewelery sale at Gilt Groupe right now. This little piece by Fallon is marked down to $48 from $112.

Click the image to buy

There is also the final clothing sale and final accessories sale going on....although a lot is gone now......BUT there's still some Marc Jacobs, Seven for All Mankind, Oscar de la Renta, Zac Posen, Helmut Lang, Donna Karen, Derek Lam....and others. Get it while it's hot and cheap.

Also, for guys there is the ALIFE sale and men's clothing final sale including: Ralph Lauren, Theory, Seven, Y-3 and more.

DON'T FORGET, in order to view the super awesome sweet deal Gilt Sales you need an account and if you don't have an account you need an invite to join in. So click HERE to get your invite and be able to register.

Happy designer sale shopping!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Scientists, let's get this genetics ball rolling.

Okay so I have a bone to pick with genetic scientists. What is the purpose of a miniature horse?


Cute, sure. But what can a miniature horse do except for eat? You can't play fetch with a horse. You can't watch the horse roll around with a ball. YOU CAN'T EVEN RIDE IT UNLESS YOU WEIGH 20 LBS PROBABLY. Why are we engineering a miniature horse?!

We need to engineer miniature lions and tigers.

How ADORABLE are baby tigers?! They are like little puppies, but awesome because it's a tiger! Now just think, a baby tiger that never grows larger than the baby size. So you can keep it forever because it will always be able to fit inside your house! I think we need to shift our genetic focus from mini-horses to mini-tigers. And mini-lions.

SO scientists, get on top of that.

Extreme Makeover: Fast Food Edition

Turn this
into THIS!Fancy Fast Food takes America's favorite fast foods and turns them into a real culinary masterpieces. They even include step-by-step instructions so you can also create your own fancy feast. So, go ahead. Play with your food.

The Derelicte of Chanel

Friday, July 10, 2009

The World's Smallest Gun

Measuring in at just 2.16 inches long, the Swiss Mini
can fire real 4.53 bullets up to a range of 367 ft at 300 mph. I can imagine someone being shamed to be hit by the Mace Gun, but this, this would be even more epic fail.

Spanx For Men

Remember when Michael Kors said he wanted Spanx for Men? Looks like somebody was already working on it. The Ript Fusion claims to be a "body-sculpting undershirt designed to support your core, shave inches off your belly and enhance your posture.", and it also includes a panel that "firmly shapes and smoothes bust line to hips". Even with the manly name RIPT FUSHION, you still can't disguise the fact that this undershirt basically is Spanx, for men. I don't know what dude is going to buy this at $58 a pop, but if you really want to try to have sculpted abs without the workout, I guess you could try this. Or, if you're trying to fit into your shmediums. I mean, it does come in v-neck, too.

Hmm? Hmm? Maybe? Maybe not.

It's a Pandemic!

Forget swine flu, we have another pandemic at hand.
Parentus on Facebook-utus. And it is DEADLY. At least...deadly to your SANITY. At any rate, us victims are not alone. Which is why some awesome people created "Oh Crap. My parents joined"


In following with the user submissions website trend (read: MLIA, TFLN, FML) MPJF is a collection of screencaps where parents just cross the line of acceptable on facebook. Pretty funny and relatable if you have this same problem.

I do. I do....

Help me.....

Thursday, July 9, 2009

This guy shoots things then shoots them again.

Alan Sailer shot a whole cornucopia things with bullets blastin' though them. Love it.
Check out more at his Flickr.

It's the Capri Sun of beer

Let me introduce you to the CarboPouch . Basically it's beer in, yea you guessed it, a pouch. The economical design features an organoleptic film structure that ensures no off flavors like the metallic kind you can get from beer cans. So, far they come in 3 sizes: the Single25 (8 oz), the Single45 (16 oz), and the StandUp Multi64 which hold up to 1.8 liters. Maybe we'll see some of our favorite beers in CarboPouch form on our grocery shelves sometime in the near future. Maybe.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Comedian's Gallop

I don't know what I love more:
The song.
The intensity of these little boys.
Or their overalls and small red beanies.
Or how awesome this performance was.

Meg it's about time that you need to start carrying protection.
Dad, that's a trash bag
I know. Hefty, Hefty, Hefty!

Banana flavored condom... pillows?

I don't really know what to think about these, but what i do know is this Etsy seller really is obsessed with condoms. I mean, condom key chains? A fabric replica of a condom package that's almost the size of a penny for $5? C'mon now.

Next time I go bowling, take me here.

Brooklyn Bowl is the most KICK ASS bowling alley that just had its grand opening last night. It features a 16-lane bowling alley, a venue for concerts which holds up to a capacity of 600 people, a custom-designed JBL Vertec sound system, a 9-screen high-def digital video projection system above the lanes, super fly leather Chesterfield couches, a 19th centurty Coney Island shooting gallery-esque bar serving up no less than 10 Brooklyn-brewed draughts, tables made from old bowling lanes, and a food menu which features dishes from NY's own Blue Ribbon. This place is the bomb-a-lomb. I even love that they're having a Lebowski Fest in September. Music, drank, bowling in a KICK ASS bowling alley? Can this place get anymore boss?! via Uncrate

Hear Hear: Coeur de Pirate

Too bad I can't understand a word she's saying. Watevs, I like it. Go check it.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Return of Daria

Yay for Daria! Yay for old school MTV!

Hear Hear: New, I mean, 5 days late Bloc Party

Ohhh Regifting Robin, you got me again!

My friend just texted me to check my email to see if I could figure this out. I've only done it twice so far but this is FREAKING ME OUT!!! Regifting Robin has guessed every single one of my gifts correctly! Try it and see if you can figure the secret out, and if you're googling don't spoil it for everyone. I'm going to get you Robin. I'll get it alright. Just you wait, Robin...
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