Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Just because she's a mama now doesn't mean M.I.A. is m.i.a.

Just because M.I.A. has a baby now doesn't mean
that she will be kicked out of the music scene forever.
I mean, yea, she was featured in Rye Rye's "Bang",
but c'mon now, that doesn't really count, since the
WHOLE TIME she's just repeating "bang bang bang bang"
over and over again. Luckily, in my internet travels today,
I came across this new M.I.A. verse featured in
Major Lazer's new mixtape. Love it. And how fitting is it
that it begins with M.I.A. spitting out "I say where's the daddy?"
over some kind of baby sound. I miss you M.I.A.!

Download via Pitchfork
(The M.I.A. track begins at 11:20)

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