Monday, July 6, 2009


Keep track of your blood alcohol content with this handy little app! It allows you to enter all your personal info aka body weight, gender, blahblaah so it can accurately let you know when you've hit your "target" BAC, which you also set on your own! Anddd if your phone/itouch turns off, the app will retain all the information about the previous drinks you had and your current BAC! If you're willing to fork out $1.99, then this app's for you. Personally, I'd rather just buy a breathalyzer. Then all your friends would be able to know what their BAC is too!

via Uncrate

[Edit: If anyone's been reading the comments to this post, DrinkTracker has announced that a multi-user version will be out at the end of the month. Woo hoo! Now all your friends can join in the app fun!]


  1. The multi-user version of DrinkTracker will be out by the end of the month so that all your friends can know what their BAC is too - for $1.99 as well!

  2. This just got me awesome it would be if your phone WAS a breathalyzer.

    Like how you can blow into the microphone of a Nintendo DS to play games or whatever, you blow into the microphone of your phone and BOOM, BAC.



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