Saturday, July 11, 2009

Scientists, let's get this genetics ball rolling.

Okay so I have a bone to pick with genetic scientists. What is the purpose of a miniature horse?


Cute, sure. But what can a miniature horse do except for eat? You can't play fetch with a horse. You can't watch the horse roll around with a ball. YOU CAN'T EVEN RIDE IT UNLESS YOU WEIGH 20 LBS PROBABLY. Why are we engineering a miniature horse?!

We need to engineer miniature lions and tigers.

How ADORABLE are baby tigers?! They are like little puppies, but awesome because it's a tiger! Now just think, a baby tiger that never grows larger than the baby size. So you can keep it forever because it will always be able to fit inside your house! I think we need to shift our genetic focus from mini-horses to mini-tigers. And mini-lions.

SO scientists, get on top of that.

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  1. they actually dude have a breed of some kind of miniature tigers and leopards out there. just needa search for them. theres a guy in houston who has some but they're expensive.


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