Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Skyecandy: The birthchild of Skype and speed dating

So what exactly is all this Skyecandy hoo-rah-rah? Well, basically, you get these 5 minute speed dating sessions via Skype and after you're done webcam chatting with the other person, you have a one minute interval where you get to choose YES or NO on your potential internet mate. If both you and your date choose YES, it's considered a match and you can Skype each other for internet real. And fall in internet love.


  1. It's like the year 3000 version of !

    But....a little bit creepy. Shit, that's a lot of creepy. But also potentially hilarious. Like if your speed date was a Gothapotamus....And then you start laughing at them. Speed date over...but OH WELL.

  2. I like how omegle's tagline is "talk to strangers!"

    Also, I just added "creepers" as a tag to this post.


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