Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Mace in your FACE!

In today's society, I feel that mace has become a staple for every woman/girl to own. If not, then you should get one. Right now! And what other cooler mace to own, then the Mace® Pepper Gun™?! This baby delivers a continuous stream of mace up to a distance of 25 feet, comes with an LED light to aim in the dark, has a safety on/off switch, and it even comes with a water cartridge to practice with! I don't think mace could have come in a doper vessel. Plusssss you can get it in pink! I mean, if you're no fan of girly girl Legally Blonde colors, they have blue, black and silver, but how deameaning would it be to an attacker if he got maced in the face by a pink mace gun?

Also, I'm not saying mace is just for girls, but boys should be carrying around manlier things, like LASERS!

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