Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hear Hear: WERQ

New Ciara ft. Missy Elliot.

OMFG THIS IS FIERCE. She would make Tyra proud. WERQ IT GURL WERQ IT. Holy shit. This is my new workout routine.

Stunning booty popping aside, this video has this dirty quality to it that just SCREAMS 90s and it makes me love it even more. At first I was like...ugh, whoever directed this chose an awful cheap camera, but now I'm like...that's kind of awesome. It's like Sir-Mix-A-Lot esque or All I wanna Do is a Zoom Zoom in your Boom Boom esque. WERQ IT VIDEO DIRECTOR.

NGL though, it reminds me of my main man...BENNY BENNASSI'S AWESOME SATISFACTION VIDEO.

Speaking of Benny Benassi. He's playing at Ampersand New Orleans TONIGHT so go push and touch people in the club to get your satisfaction.

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