Thursday, June 18, 2009

Drizzy Drake is Jimmy boy from Degrassi?!!?!?!?!!

note: if video doesn't play just click somewhere on the stream a little bit after the beginning and it'll play the rest of the video, then you can go back and play the beginning. well, this is what i have to do... unless it's just my comp that is retarded.

I get a text round 10:21 PM. It reads "OOOOOMMMFFFGGG drizzy drake who sings best I ever had is freakin JIMMYBOY FROM DEGRASSI". Right after I finish reading it, the songs starts playing on the radio. I start having convulsions. I'm dying. I'm crying. I'm having a seizure. JIMMY?!?! JIMMY WHEELCHAIR JIMMY?!I still am in disbelief. Balla song though, I'm not gonna lie. Good job Jimmy. You've done well.
I miss Degrassi. Someone buy me The N please.


  1. Okay, your mad late with this news. lol

  2. haha yeah for real, way late-- btw did you know he was at LSU varsity but it was during finals??


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