Monday, June 22, 2009

Gear Grinding: Unnecessary Apologies

Okay, I was reading this article on Yahoo! titled "Cowell's Confession: Sim Says, "I'm Wrong." And the subject of this article really started grinding my gears so I have to blog about it.

Basically it's about how Simon Cowell was harsh in his criticisms to people like Susan Boyle and all the kids they let pass on Britain's Got Talent and that while he is usually dead on in his criticisms no matter how harsh they are, this time "he was wrong for saying what he did."
Pardon my french but, fuck that. His criticisms are only harsh because now he's saying them to some 50 year old virgin religious cat lady and 10 year olds. When he says it to a 30 year old struggling single mother or 20 year old in the midst of their college years it's okay? But not now?


The entertainment business IS harsh in it's nature. If anyone is going to pursue their dreams of being an entertainer they damn well better be prepared for harsh criticism, NO MATTER AGE, RACE, MENTAL CAPABILITIES, BEAUTY, SOCIAL STATUS. IDFC. If you suck you suck. If you're amazing you're amazing.

Simon says: "Yet, perhaps my biggest regret of this year was...with Aidan Davis, the 11-year-old street dancer from Birmingham. In the final, I made him cry, too, by describing his performance as lackluster--it was a huge, huge mistake. It almost ruined the whole evening for everyone...I had treated him as I would an adult, forgetting that he was only an 11-year-old child with a dream. I apologized to him afterwards, but it didn't make me feel any better about it. Moral of the story? I don't always get it right. Looking back, I know I could've been kinder."

Why should I lie and tell a 10 year old they have the voice of a goddess when they don't? So that I can live to regret the day I told that lie when I have to painfully listen to them perform every day since. Fuck that too. That's what parents are for. Let the parents lie to their children and tell them they sing/dance great or how fantastic their artwork is. AS A PROFESSIONAL TALENT SCOUNT IT IS NOT SIMON'S JOB TO LIE TO THESE PEOPLE. They should be mentally prepared for whatever he's saying to them. And if he says you suck then TOUGH SHIT. Go back to your studio and practice until you get better.

Omg. It really pisses me off how sensitive people are these days. I FOR ONE AM TIRED OF LAME, CLICHE THINGS CONTINUOUSLY GETTING PRAISED BECAUSE SOME GENIUS PLAYS THAT WEAK, CHILD/UGLY CARD. CHILDREN DO NOT ALWAYS EQUAL TALENT. I SAID IT. So Simon, you should not apologize. You told a ballerina what she needed to hear. She's 10. She has 90 years to fine tune her skills. Maybe she'll be the next Madonna. THE POINT IS THAT SHE HAS TIME TO BECOME THAT SO STFD WHINY BABIES.


And Susan Boyle is a 50 year old woman. If she doesn't know how the world works by now...that's pathetic. The fact that she's treated like a 10 year old too should be insulting to her. The fact that she's acting like a 10 year old is insulting to me.

And back to the topic of children in showbiz, it's not just the children's fault. PARENTS. If you're going to showcase your child then you should EXPECT harsh realities from other people. JEEZ. It makes me upset to see how, pardon me again, pussy entertainment is becoming. I want the harsh old days back when people actually had to WORK to get their high status. And not just cry on TV and make everyone feel bad for them so they can win.


And Stavros Flatley should've won. F YOU BRITAIN.

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