Thursday, June 11, 2009


Okay. Soulja Boy makes me want to kill myself.
Everytime he comes out with a song I'm like "Holy f--k this is the stupidest f----r to book a record deal ever. Who the f--k writes this nonsense! I don't think there's anything more RIDICULOUS THAN THIS SONG!"
Then...Soulja Boy comes out with another song. And renders all of my previous judgements about him invalid because his new song is EVEN MORE RIDICULOUS.

YAHHH TRICK YAHHH is old (came out in 2007)...but I just heard it and HOLY OMG....NGL, I was rolling on the floor at this song. RIDICULOUS. BUT SO HILARIOUS. Just the way he says YAHHHHHH. And the whole context. SOULJA BOY PLEASE GET OUT OF HERE! YOU MAKE ME WANT TO DIE!

YAHHHHH! I think I'll scream this at the radio next time Kiss Me Through the Phone comes on.

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