Thursday, February 12, 2009

F@)(&%)&#$#%d7348573DGH☮Ew@#&(92*@#% My Life

Today my BFF introduced me to what is probably going to be one of my new most favorite blogs everrrrrrr: Fuck My Life. It's my new Taylor Swift's Love Story. Love it love it love it. Here's a little taste of this yummy morsel:

Today, I took my friend to buy a pregancy test. She took it and it came out negative. I decided to re-pee on it to be turned to positive. FML

Today, I was tutoring kids at an elementary school. One kid messed up my hair. I said, "Why'd you do that??" He said, "I have lice, now you have lice too!" FML

So, if you're ever having a rough day, Fuck My Life is the remedy for you.

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