Sunday, February 15, 2009

RIP Juicy Campus


Every once in a blue moon I visit Juicy Campus to read up on the latest nonsense. It's a guilty pleasure. Today I was shocked to see it's GONE and been replaced with some FUG stupid website called College ACB (Anonymous Confession Board). DNW! There are like 5 posts and they ALL SUCK. From the website:

In the wake of Juicy Campus' closing, we find ourselves in a unique position to establish ourselves as the new standard in anonymous college posting. The ACB is much like Juicy Campus, but there are several key differences. For one, we wish to promote deep and thoughtful discussion -- as well as the occasional "gossipy" post. We rely on user moderation, to help us flag any posts that may be threatening, racist, or otherwise illegal.

DNW! If this is the "standard" for anonymous college posting boards, I am extremely disappointed and DO NOT WANT. I 'm sorry but the appeal of Juicy Campus WAS that it was threatening, racist, illegal, etc etc AND anonymous. Honestly, half the posts were fake anyway why was everyone having such a stick up their ass. If you didn't like something someone posted it wasn't that hard to click 'reply' and stand up for what you believe in.

I don
't want to have deep and thoughtful discussions on an ANONYMOUS board! That's what forums are for, then you can have credit for the deep and thoughtful things you say. I WANT JUICY GOSSIP ON THE ANONYMOUS BOARD. Get it together Juicy Campus!!!

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