Sunday, February 15, 2009

This Is Why No One Uses Myspace

While Myspace is basically POINTLESS these days, I still choose to use it at a tool for keeping up with musicians, parties, night club events, the lives of sexy fashion models that appear in David Guetta's music videos, etc etc etc. I think it's a legit reason to keep using Myspace.

But then occasionally I get these inbox messages...


Wait....what? Body Massager for Women? Somebody named "body massager for women" is sending me a message telling me to IM them? Yeahhhhh....And it's obvious that this is a load of bull, but couldn't they atleast use a picture of Orlando Bloom or Christian Bale or something?


How is this appealing in any way? Admittedly, it is better than the half dressed whore Myspace profile giving links to all kinds of nasty.


The best part was this "person's" profile. I love how they start off touching on massages and his massage services....then by the end he's like "fck that I'm here to give sex to frustrated house wives and women." So for 100, 200 and 300 rupee women can get a "massage" from this stud muffin, but only if you live in Pondicherry India.

It's just WTF all around.

And creeper ass profiles like this are why people don't use Myspace anymore.

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  1. LOL. OH MY GOD. when i got to the end i was in shock/laughing. you WOULD get this.


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