Saturday, February 14, 2009


I spent my Valentine's Day making myself aware of how single AND poor I am. But the highlight of my day was definitely when I was walking into Bloomingdales and MAC had some huge make up orgy fest set up at the front door, promoting their new Hello Kitty make up...or atleast the more sinister version of Hello Kitty make up. At any rate, I call it an orgy because there was ACTUALLY a sexy guy (read: guy with a nice body) wearing a HUGE Hello Kitty mascot head thing in black leather/wet look leggings and some fringey necklace. These sketch men actually make an appearance in this ACID TRIP of a promotional video. Go to 2:30 for the best part.

I can't believe they actually made people wear that helmet thing at the store! SO SKETCH! I was actually so freaked out by it that I faked searching for something in my purse as I walked by it so it wouldn't approach me.

As for the makeup. Seems promising. If it's as vibrant as the makeup in the video then I definitely want to buy some. There are also lots of black Hello Kitty accessories you can buy too! And relatively cheap I might add.

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