Monday, November 17, 2008

Skateboard + Water = ...

SO, my latest endeavor has been skateboarding. Roughly a week ago I carried my ass to the MIA Skate Shop on South Beach and bought a trick board. (Which that was a story of it's own). But anywho for the past week I've been teaching myself how to ride a skateboard without looking like a damn fool. And most of the time it goes pretty good. I lose the board every now and then, but since I'm a girl it's forgivable and everyone loves me.


When I bought the board, the guy made a point to say "Don't let your skateboard get wet." And I mean obviously, does he think I'm stupid enough to try boarding in the ocean. ..............

Fast foward, Sunday night around midnight. My jolly ass goes for a skate break around campus. I see some action going on at the freshmen dorms (involving an ambulance and probably some drunk bitch) so I linger around to see if anything exciting happens. It doesn't, so I decide to take the scenic route back to my studio. And by scenic route I mean 6 foot sidewalk running right next to the alligator infested lake in the center of my campus. I drew some maps.


And here's what the bitch of a lake actually looks like

University of Miami campus

And here's a section of the beginning of my scenic route, and the important location of what is to happen.


Okay so, I'm skating with a friend who tells me "Don't skate in the lake Hahaha" and of course I'm like "Yeah GTFO Like I would actually do that, I'm not incompetent!" Well apparently I AM incompetent because as soon as I say this my board goes flying from under my feet right in the direction of the cliff leading down into the lake.

I start SPRINTING after it, but OF COURSE, I am too slow and I watch in slow motion as my board flys over the cliff and into the water below. I fall on my knees at the cliffs edge, crying "NOOOOOOOOOO" to the world in hopes that my board my magically fly up into my hands again. It did not. So I made my friend climb down and fetch it for me.

And it's only been a day since this happened but as of now there isn't any significant damage to the board. I sure as FUCK don't want to spend $40 on new trucks or $20 on new bearings so I PRAY these things are fine after this traumatic experience.

It's a damn shame. Had the board 5 days and already drove it into a body of water.

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