Friday, November 14, 2008

You know what really grinds my gears: Lost keys

One and a half days. ONE AND A HALF DAYS is how long I've been enduring this torture. My bedroom is practically a crack den right now, so I'm throwing mountains of clothing off my floor onto my bed, then off of my bed back onto the floor. I've gone through every nook and cranny of my dressers and cabinets. Bathroom and kitchen. Roomate's bedrooms. Dirty clothes hampers, washer and dryer. The search began Wednesday night and continued til this afternoon.

It was the most tortuous thing I've ever experienced. I even missed a couple of classes because of it. I told one of my roommates that I rather have someone stab me in the eye with a syringe and pull it done til it cut the whole length of my body than go through the agony of searching for my keys. And just a few minutes ago, I went through all of that to find out that my keys were in the cushion of our sofa the WHOLE TIME.

I think I'm going to find someway to attach my keys onto my body.

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