Monday, November 17, 2008

Why the hell would I stick that on my boob. Oh, maybe because I have scoliosis.

This little item called the iPosture, is a device worn on your body that can help you with retaining the correct posture for your body. When you deviate from your "good" posture stance, the iPosture will send out little vibrations to tell you that you need to correct it. I'm not feeling the wearing it as a pendant or sticking it onto your boob, but I do dig the fact that it helps you with your posture. I have horrible posture, and somehow everytime i complain that i need to lose weight around my mom she says "You need to fix your posture, slouching just makes you look fat." But I guess it is true, according to this picture of a girl portraying bad posture:

Notice the belly pooch? Straighten up. You don't want to look fat now do you?

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