Monday, November 17, 2008

My biggest fear comes to life

I'm a pretty brave girl, I'm not gonna lie. Bugs, rats, killer zombies? None of that phases me. But like every normal human being, I am afraid of somethings, more like some THING. Biggest fear of all time: computer viruses.

It all started when the internet first got introduced into regular households. Sometime in the 90s, I think when I was around 8/9 yrs old-ish. INTERNET?! What a revolutionary concept! We wanted to explore every inch of this "internet" as we could. My little brother and I would surf on our new dial-up internet together every night. One late night, my brother decided to go on some Pokemon website titled Y2K Mewtwo. While scrolling through the website, we accidently right-click on the mouse. A pop-up window comes up. It says something along the lines of "why did you just do that?" I try to X it out and another pop-up replaces it. "you shouldn't have done that" I try Xing it out again, this time even more freaked out and possibly on the verge of hyperventalating. Another pop-up. "You're going to regret this."

"Say goodbye to your computer"

I immediately dive down to the outlet and rip out the plug to our computer. I didn't touch the computer for a good while after that.

Thanks to that childhood incident, i've been terrified of computer viruses ever since. I'm scared to do virus scans, and when I actually do find out there's one on my computer, I can't take care of it alone. I always have to have someone in the room with me, or I'll call someone up for technical help and mental support.

And now I hear that computer virus attacks are to be on it's highest point next Monday?!?!?!


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