Friday, November 14, 2008

Donde esta el bano?

Finally a resolution to all-time most-asked question in the whole entire world. No longer will we need to ponder about where the nearest public restroom is because this website does it for us! Type in the address of where you want to search for nearest public restrooms and the search query will come up with the top-rates public restrooms in the area. Some may even include a photo and a rating of how awesome the place is. I looked up my address, and it only came up with 2 public restrooms, which ended up to be 3294223u4087weur0ew8 miles away. There has GOT to be more public vicinities near me than that! I don't live in no country land! Maybe it's still a baby website. We'll watch and see how it grows. But check it out anyways.

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