Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Epic Everything

The first black president in American history. Words cannot describe how elated I am that Barack Obama won the presidential election. I don't think I've ever cared about anything more than I did for this presidential election.

As long as Sarah Palin is 3000 miles away from the white house again, all is well in the world. And Alaska, I'm sorry you have to deal with her...I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy even.

Anyway, I hope these four years can bring changes to our country that will make America a good place again. I'm tired of the international world looking down on this country and I'm tired of the dollar being worth like half a euro. I know that wouldn't have changed under McCain. And Palin's stupid ass would've been the downfall of international relationships all together.

I want my family to have ACTUAL health insurance. Because what can $5000 buy in the health industry? A bottle of anti-depressants? One chemo treatment? Sorry, you're fucked after a month.

And to the people, especially college students, who think Obama is trying to suck your piggy bank dry.....stop being greedy fuck faces.
1. You won't even be paying taxes while Obama is in office. So that "Great now I have to pay for someone's welfare for 4 years" shit doesn't fly. STFD.
2. ON THE CONTRARY, people are paying for YOUR "welfare." You think Pell grants grow on trees?
3. And you call yourself Christian? One of the Christian fundamentals is giving back to your community. You give money to your church every week and this buys your preacher a C-Class. I think it's okay to give money to your country so a working class mother can buy dinner for her children. And a family can afford to send their child to college.

End rant.

I just had to do this.

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