Thursday, January 8, 2009

My family is ghettoooo

My grampa comes over this morning for a random visit. I'm the only one home. He wanders around the house commenting on random things like our TV and christmas decorations. He shows me his health insurance cards and asks which ones are expired. He comes over to some plants my madre has by the window. He rearranges them saying the tallest one (in picture above) should be close to the edge of the window so its stems can stand upright. He tries to lean them up against the wall. They fall back down to their previous limping stage. He asks if I know where some string is so we can tie it up. I tell him I don't. He looks around and finds a big roll of duct tape. He tapes the plant stems together and then tapes those to the window (see picture above). I'm just gonna leave it there for the rest of my family to see.

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