Monday, January 19, 2009

Musical Art Project

When my room started getting bland, a simple little art project helped me spice it up!

1. Vinyl record covers/cases - I found awesome ones at the thrift store for 75 cents
2. 14" x 14" picture frame - The ones I used were actually message boards, and cork board is built into the frame. They're from Walmart and were $6
* If you want you can use a smaller picture frame but record covers are about 14" x 14"

1. Remove the back of the frame (that holds the picture in place) and trace the shape onto the record cover, cropping if necessary
2. Cut the record cover to fit in the frame
3. Assemble like a normal picture
4. Hang up on yo' walls

Simple, cheap. Can't go wrong. And there are record covers of EVERYTHING.



Another fun wall decoration idea is to cover your wall in vinyl stickers. However, this is permanent. So the less permanent way of doing this, which is what I did, is to cover a poster board in stickers then hang the poster board on your wall.

Poster board: $1
Stickers: Free-a couple of dollars

This project is fun because it's kind of never ending. You have something to do with stickers when you get them for free, or you'll have a reason to search for stickers whenever you go out. Or you'll have a reason to ask for stickers and possibly get free clothes out of it. And you get some dope wall covering for your room. It's a win-win situation.

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