Monday, December 15, 2008

Legend of the Hidden Temple

Do you remember that bad ass show on Nickolodean back in the day called Legend of the Hidden Temple? Let me refresh your memory.

Some kids who have really good connections or are lucky as fuck, are chosen to participate on this game show with their family. They do all of these physical challenges which look not only fun as hell, but also easy as hell (I used to always wonder what kind of idiots they let on the show to actually lose the challenges). And then after one team own'd all the others they'd get to go into the shrine of the silver monkey and be scared shitless by guys dressed like Amazonian Indians and try to find the silver monkey.

Here's a trailer =/ Blame the RIAA for being anal retentive ass holes.

Anyway, it has always been my personal dream to be on this show. And since it's no longer possible...the next best thing would be to own the gear from that show! And that, my friend, is very possible.


For the low price of $15 you can be an unofficial participant of Legends of the Hidden Temple! And they also have a special buy 5 get 1 free. SO YOU CAN BE A MEMBER OF ALL THE TEAMS. (LE GASP)

SO DOPEEEE. You can click the picture to go right to the shirt's shopping page. I myself and feeling the purple parrots.

AND don't forget the helmet. Safety first. And, IT'S GOLD. Do you really need to be persuaded?

The site also has a bunch of other 90s shirts. Like SALUTE YOUR SHORTS. Loves it.

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