Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Hear Hear: I Want Those Flashing Lights

So somewhere in the land that is known as...Canada, there lives an "unsung hero" named Colin Munroe.

Just let me say, this guy did an amazing remix of Kanye Douchebag West's (I think it was a misfortune for Kanye to EVER come "through the wire", let me say) Flashing Lights song called "I Want Those Flashing Lights."

I Want Those Flashing Lights. That's right Kanye, some people ARE ACTUALLY less fortunate than you. Douchefuck.

Anywho Colin has a free mixtape up for download called "Unsung Hero," and I just downloaded. You should download as well and get Colin some flashing lights in his life. And take away all of Kanye's. With his broke ass CD. But I do admit, the album art for 808's and Heartbreaks is pretty boss.

Click the photo for download page.

I ALSO, suggest everyone participate in Stephen Colbert's Operation: Humble Kanye. That bitch needs some perspective on his position in this world.
All you have to do is purchase Colbert's Christmas album TODAY at 5 PM on ITUNES.

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