Friday, December 19, 2008

Fire, meet Desire

Burger King's image is so suggestive and I absolutely love it. I mean, The King is probably the coolest mascot around these days.


Burger King recently ventured into the land of perfume. And a their cologne smells like....a whopper. A WHOPPER?! MEAT?!

Whopper Manía - Burger King Argentina - 2007
I've always wanted to smell like this.


The cologne is called Fire Meet Desire...SO SENSUAL! The official website is also SO SENSUAL. Go see what I mean, it's absolutely hilarious. I Love Burger King. You can buy the cologne for $4 ONLY from Ricky's NYC which conveniently has no locations outside of Miami and New York...and Fire Meet Desire is sold out hopefully you have friends in those places or maybe they'll restock online.

1 comment:

  1. I think it is great. Hey, you got a whopper in your pants? It is genius marketing. Those with the scent will be followed around town by a bunch of barking dogs.


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