Sunday, December 28, 2008

Hear Hear: Black Eyed Bandit

Deep in the underground world of club/electro music lies this gem of a producer: Black Eyed Bandit. And THANK GOD he sounds nothing like the Black Eyed Peas. But when I say underground, this guy is really unknown. HE NEEDS TO BE POPULAR.

The only picture of Black Eyed Bandit, and he appears good looking.

Unfortunately, because he's so low profile I can't post any music samples from Youtube...and because Myspace is LAME I can't embed their music player either. So to hear him you have to visit his MYSPACE PROFILE. And if you have a Myspace, add him and spread the love!


  1. Yo he just changed his profile name to "Jason Sundstrom" on myspace and in general.

    thanks for the awesome find

  2. if you like him now, i have gotten a preview of his next track and i gotta say, it's like nothing i've heard before from this guy. apparently he sends music to his hardcore supporters, and even chats with me on AIM. so far he is calling the new song DEAD CALM. Sounds a little like the dead calm after a day's worth of battle.

    P.S. he has told me that he is thinking of making a youtube channel. hopefully that will draw a different base of electro heads into his so far inexcusably small circle.


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