Sunday, January 17, 2010

Hear Hear: Rad Anthem 2010

Offensive Content: Drugs, Alcohol, Strip Clubs, Party Atmosphere, and General Bad Ass-ness.

There are so many GOOD things about this song/video.
1. Three words. Fast food mascots. In my opinion the only mascots worth having because let's be honest here...The King is absolutely hilarious. I don't even like fast food, but oh man those mascots are just great. Jack in the Box has a really cool mask. The Colonel is just a BAMF with his white pimp suit. BAMFs.

2. The Rad Omen have created a song that is reminiscent of Daft Punk (who have new stuff coming out within the next year, rememberrr!!!!!) You just can't go wrong with the basic house club beats.

3. The video story line is so offensive, and anyone that knows me knows that: offensive = automatic hit

4. Rad Omen is offering this song for a FREE DOWNLOAD.

I'm really feeling it. The nostalgia, the grittyness, the free-ness. HEAR HEAR, The Rad Omen should be looked out for in the future.

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