Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Throwback: The 5th Element and Gaultier

Bruce Willis is on my TV right now. And whenever I see him I can only think of him in The Fifth Element (which is a TOTALLY BAMF movie I might add). And the greatest thing about the Fifth Element, besides Chris Tuckers performance as a flamboyant radio host, is the costumes.....DESIGNED BY JEAN-PAUL GAULTIER.

Wtf? I didn't even know designer designers even did costumes for movies.

At any rate, high point of 90s fashion, HERE is my Fifth Element Look Board:

Flight Attendants that don't look like Picadilly workers, Cigarettes with more filter than Tobacco (not actually Gaultier, BUT still intriguing design, Blue rubber dress thing, YAMULKE, The signature strappy band aid outfit, and the signature orange rubber suspenders, BAMF. Gaultier, BA-STUNNING-MF.)

The strappy piece looks familiar, yes?

soundtrack to this posting:

Flamboyant Chris brings the LULZ.

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