Wednesday, January 6, 2010


In my free time I sometimes like to go through/vote on user submissions on because some of the shirts are FRICKING CLEVER. Case and Point.

UNFORTUNATELY, I think some hipster TRASH took over threadless because witty shirts haven't been printed since like....4 years ago.

If I wanted a GENERIC ~*~SO TRIPPY AND ARTISTIC~*~ print I'd go to Urban Outfitters. KTHX.

In other zombie news....this super awesome popular 5 minute ROBOT INVASION movie plays the song from 28 Days Later. And the song is kind of......AWESOME. The movie gives me so many heart/panic attacks that I didn't even pay attention to the soundtrack.

If there's ever a movie about my life, AND THERE SHOULD BE, track 1...HELLO.

Did you watch the robot movie yet? Because it's really BAMF. Watch it.

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