Wednesday, January 13, 2010

GAMER: Death Dice Overdose

It's hard to follow the Super Mario x Tetris game that was just posted because Holy S(erena Van Der Woodsen). That game was epic.

But for survival games (read: Games where you're playing aimlessly just to see how long you can last/beat your highest jetpack and the goal is to fly through the tunnel without crashing) THIS GAME IS AWESOME.


The object: Don't touch the falling dice
The catch: Your anxiety is always rising because DICE ARE FALLING OUT OF THE SKY WTF. And if your anxiety reaches the end of the bar bad things happen.
To beat the catch: Pills appear all over the place so you have to avoid dice AND take lots of pills to keep your anxiety low mannnn.

The awesome part: When you take lots of pills you enter this drug induced euphoria and everything goes colorful and trippy and it's all like that crazy acrobat circus thing that used to be really popular.

Moral of the story: This game is mad fun.

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