Friday, January 8, 2010

Kings of Leon x S2A is the grownup version of Miley Cyrus x Max Azria except a lot more expensive and for men.

Kings of Leon has collaborated with Surface to Air to create their own fashion line. The 12-piece collection has already hit shelves in Europe and will be debuting in the states on January 25. I don't know why KOL feels the need to dip into the fashion world and why their clothing has to be mega mega expensive, but whatev, I'm not going to be buying their $267 fedoras anyways. Plus, it's all mens clothing. Check out my lookbook for a preview of KOL x S2A:1. Leather jacket: £739/$1185
2. Fedora: £167/$267
3. Plaid flannel shirt: £112/$180
4. Skinny jeans: £140/$225
5.Bandanna: £65/$104
6. Leather ankle boots: £361/$578

Seriously KOL? SERIOUSLY? A red bandanna for $104? Don't you think that's a bit overkill?

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  1. lol@KOL, you've officially cemented yourself into sell-outdom.

    also, WHY would anyone pay over $1000 dollars for a KINGS OF LEON (i repeat, kings of leon) leather jacket when they could use that same amount of cash money to purchase a nicer leather jacket from a legitimate brand, like chloe. you know, something i wouldn't want to cut the tag out of?


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