Monday, April 20, 2009

While We're On the Subject of "Chic-O-Nomics"

As a reader of "Word on the Sidewalk" I, Golden Hot Pants, OFFICIALLY invite you to join THE GILT GROUPE.

(Because you should feel guilty to buy designer clothes at such DISCOUNT PRICES).

I actually posted the link in our "awesome pages you should always visit" box to the right a few weeks ago. But was too lazy to make a post about. HOWEVER, now I am inspired. SOOO...Basically it's a group that puts up a new sale every day....or every few days. And the clothes are SOOOOO DISCOUNTED that you need to be invited to join.

SO. BY CLICKING THIS LINK, you have been invited and can join...THE GILT GROUPE. And get relatively cheap designer clothes.

I'M JUST SAYING: A few weeks ago there were Christian Louboutins for $130-$230. I died a little inside when the black leather pumps I've wanted for so long were sold out. Dear God, if I had seen this sale earlier in the semester, fresh off of my Christmas vacation paycheck, I would own like...multiple pairs of Louboutins.

Wow. My spellchecker says Louboutin is not a real word. FALSE. ADD TO DICTIONARY SPELL CHECKER.

They also sell...Marc Jacobs.....Michael Kors was on there....Nina Ricci (I wish they would sell the platforms from her FW09 collection because they are trannytastic and FURCE)....Diane von Furstenburg....Vera Wang.......Yeah they have A LOT of different designers. The only way to know is to join! So JOIN NOW.

Nina "Gah-cia" approves of the Gilt Groupe.
And these FURCE ladies are wearing Louboutin...just sayin'

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  1. I'm a member of gilt groupe too! I loveeeeeeee it. (even though i haven't purchased anything from it yet)


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