Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Okay so it REALLY grinds my gears when I'm wasting away my life on Youtube and I happen upon some awesome video full of LULZ or talent or amazing or fail and I just want to share it on WotS. But OH WAIT, the snob who made the video has disabled embedding. What is so bad about embedding a video?


I mean, when I post it on my page I'm sharing it with other people. And from there they can click the video and go to the original page, favorite and comment if they want. Yada yada. And whenever someone views the video on my page, the video views still count on your video. I feel like embedding actually gets people THOUSANDS more views.

Why do you make it hard for me to put videos on my blog UNIVERSALMUSICGROUP. You know what...It's okay because your music sucks ANYWAY. I'll just post videos of artists who like to SHARE their work with other people. So screw you UNIVERSALMUSICGROUP and your "embedding disabled by request" nonsense. I hope your future videos only get 100 views because no one can share them with their friends. And your profile page looks STUPID.

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