Monday, May 18, 2009

You know what really grinds my gears: Animal Traffickers

[WARNING: Some gross pictures in post]

"The Thai Navy arrested eight animal traffickers in possession of two tiger carcasses, both chopped in half, and 45 pangolins as they attempted to smuggle the animals across the Mekong River into Lao PDF."
via Planet Save

Do you REALLY need exotic animal skin that bad? I mean I'm no animal activist peta freak, but this is just vile, AND now those peta bizzaros are probably going to include these images in their stupid peta campaigns and the slide shows they use to try and manipulate people into shoving gory photos in your face all around town and running naked on runways ruining all the hard work those designers put into their fashion shows. URRGHHHH see what this has become!? A DOUBLE grind my gears. About YOU idiot traffickers and those dumb peta pinheads. I hope one day I catch you trafficking some animals so I can lay you on top of a bed of rusty tetnis infected nails and shards of glass AND FIRE then have tigers, lions and bears pounce on top of your burning body til those objects pierce through your organs. Oh, and also while I force you to watch those disgusting peta videos. Don't you dare harm Mike's cousins.



    Don't worry. This fierce bitch (model) knows what's up.


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