Tuesday, May 12, 2009

FINALLY, Ed Hardy Makes something WORTHY of Purchase

BEGIN OPINION: I HATE Ed Hardy. With a FIERY passion. Ed Hardy is AWFUL. AWFUL. I think it's the trashiest, most overrated clothing line ever. I'd sooner wear Baby Phat than Ed Hardy, and I'm NOT wearing Baby Phat ever. I'd rather die. The fact that people will spend more than $5 on any Ed Hardy shirt or anything blows my mind. And in Miami (aka where I spend 75% of my year these days) Ed Hardy is a GOD. They WORSHIP HIM. AND I DON'T KNOW WHY!! There's so much knock off Ed Hardy that it makes my head want to explode from gaudy, trashy OVERLOAD. In conclusion: Ed Hardy can die in a fire and I would not be upset. END OPINION.

That being said, I FINALLY found something Ed Hardy that is actually worthy of spending ANY amount of money on. Get this....


I mean I'd take a remote control pirate ship any day!! And this is so much better than those GOD AWFUL trash-tastic shirts. And the best part about this ship....IT'S ON SALE FOR $40 WITH FREE SHIPPING (Originally $120 as per Ed Hardy's usual OBSCENE pricing). If I had $40 to spare I'd definitely be all up on this deal right now.

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  1. omggg i hate ed hardy SO MUCH!!! but i can def agree that that pirate ship is pretty rad.


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