Saturday, May 23, 2009



Probably one of my favorite names for a musician. It had to be colorful and blinking. It's so clever, YOU KNOW IT. Anywho, fresh release from BUL!M!ATRON! It's called "The Things That Go Bump In The Night" demons in the embalming room in your basement (YEAH, I saw A Haunting in Connecticut and it scared the SH!T out of me). The track is pretty dope...there's lots of bass which is ALWAYS a good thing.

I'm rocking it at full volume and having a rave in my bed right now. RAVE ON.

And because he's awesome and LOVES his fans you can get a free download at mediafire with his permission. My kind of DEEJ.

The ending of this song is WERKING IT.

Signing out, GHP.

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