Friday, March 1, 2013

Same WOTS, different look. WOTS 3.0!

We've got a new layout AND a new domain! We're OFFICIAL!!!! Let's travel back in time and remissness on how we got to this wonderful stage in our blogging life. 

WOTS 1.0

Remember when we started off on Uber? And then it shut down... so we had to move to Blogger? This was our original header, designed by the amazing GHP.

WOTS 2.0

Then we decided to go for a new header, which was our last layout. God I really loved and still love this header. We blogged with it for A LONG time, went away for a while and then came back and blogged on it for a week and then...

WOTS 3.0!!!
It's so beautiful. I can't get over it. And have you even clicked on everything in the sidebar? It's pretty amazing. Golden Hot Pants, you are a genius when it comes to coding and layouts. I hope everyone enjoys our new look because I know I do.

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