Friday, March 1, 2013

[Hopefully] Coming Soon to the CW

As much as I LOATHE to admit it, I'm totally a sucker for young adult dystopian series (eg. The Hunger Games). I love the harrowing settings, sappy romance and quick pacing. That is not to say that all YA dystopian series are made equal; most of them are plain terrible and ridiculous.

Which is why I'm excited that one of my favorite guilty pleasure series is probably being made into a TV show on the CW (conveniently also the home of 50% of my favorite guilty pleasure TV shows).

So it's basically a mashup of The Bachelor, Cinderella and The Hunger Games. GUILTY PLEASURE HEAVEN.

I mean haters gonna hate, but this story literally combines so many ridiculous ideas into a masterpiece. PLEASE CW, make this TV show happen. I'm totally fine with the dystopian genre taking over if it means I get this dystopian Bachelor crossover.

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