Thursday, July 1, 2010

tWeEnS: New Justin Beib- I mean new kid on the block Cody Simspon

WHO is this ~*~*~*TWEEN'S*~*~*~ stylist because they should be fired. The only thing worse than bermuda shorts are bermuda shorts on a prepubescent cherub looking child. The cruiser bike, pink cardigan and lack of any masculine defining features at kind of disturbs me.

And he looks like Charlie Bucket.


And Baby is the worst song ever.

-end tween bitterness-

ON ANOTHER NOTE, Paranormal Activity 2 Trailer debuted at the Eclipse premiere:

OCTOBER 22, 2010
Best Halloween Present Ever

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  1. and of course they have to make him seem "cool" by placing him in skateboarding scenes and ohh look he's going to go see a dude who's waxing his surf board for him


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