Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Can we Add Apple and AT&T to the list of Boycotted Corporations?!

BP is destroying the planet and Apple's iCRAP STEVE JOBS NEEDS TO STOP RELEASING THE SAME SHIT IN A DIFFERENT PACKAGE is destroying any possibility of me ever owning a smartphone.

Not even out for a month and already sending my rage into dangerous levels.

Since when did AT&T stop offering unlimited data plans? OH WAIT. SINCE THE RELEASE OF THE iTAMPON APPARENTLY. GOD I HATE THAT THING. For the SHIT internet you get on cellphones I want to use it AS MUCH AS I WANT TO (read: Watch tons of Youtube videos at the push of a button FOR FREE no matter where I am and be able to drool at the pictures of Food Gawker while I'm in the grocery store) and I want to pay LESS than the amount I pay for internet on my REAL laptop.

I mean honestly, I'm fine with just GETTING a smartphone and using the other SMART features without using the internet at ALL. I HAVE a laptop already. I just want the other features! When cell phone companies start shutting down like landlines before them I will celebrate. I will spray champagne all over the windows of every cell phone store or office I can find and shower the employees with confetti as they exit with their final paycheck crying. And I won't feel a shed of sympathy.

I even gave the iPad a chance and tried one. OVERRATED. Such a waste of money. Just buy a Macbook please. For $400 more you get Photobooth, Garage Band, good movie making software, better protection of your goods, a keyboard, unlimited internet use, and unlimited downloading for free. Or for like $30 a month if you don't steal wireless from the suckers around you.

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