Wednesday, July 28, 2010


The French you'll never learn in class:

Avoir des atomes crochus avec quelqu'un
To have a lot in common with someone (literally: "to have hooked atoms with someone")

Avoir le cul entre deux chaises
To be caught between two stools (literally: "to have one's ass between two chairs") 

Courir sur le haricot
Get one someone's nerves (literally: "to run on someone's bean")

Démerden Zie sich
German-like expression for "solve your problem yourself" (literally: "get out of the shit yourself") 

Les bras m'en tombent
I am stunned (literally: "my arms are falling") 

Oh, it only gets better: LEARN MORE HERE

One ticket to Paris, baguettes, and a Beret please. Need to put this to practice.

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