Saturday, July 10, 2010

Gear Grinding: Concert Recession

An article on Yahoo this morning reads:

The recession has finally caught up with the lucrative concert touring industry.

Really? We're still reporting on the recession? That is so 2008. People have jobs. People are coping? Can we let go of the "recession mania" for a bit and just report news without stirring up the chaos that "your money will soon be worth nothing and everyone will live on the streets?" ATLEAST get with 2010 and blame it on BP. COME ON YAHOO, the problem of this year is BP, not the recession that people are finally getting over.

The industry trade magazine and website Pollstar says gross revenue for the top 100 tours in North America in the first six months of 2010 is down nearly $200 million from last year.

The total haul of $965.5 million was the lowest for the first half of the year since 2005 when gross revenue was $730.9 million.
Okay. So what is SO relevant about this then. I don't get it. Apparently the revenue BEFORE the recession were WAY less. I don't get the argument.

Major acts such as The Eagles, Christina Aguilera, Rihanna and the Lilith Fair have canceled or curtailed tours, but Pollstar editor in chief Gary Bongiovanni said others — including Lady GaGa, Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber and Muse — aren't having problems moving tickets.

OH I SEE NOW. The author of this is just generally stuck in the past.

Picture of Rihanna in the article from...IDK....3 YEARS AGO? When was the last time she looked like this, really. 

1. The Eagles? REALLY. The Eagles? Who released their LAST album in 2007 and haven't had a number 1 song since 1979. Love Hotel California to death....but stop trying to make it happen. Too many new rock bands that appeal to the concert goers.

2. Christina Aguilera who, while I love her death, is too lacking in identity to remain relevant. If she had a specific image I'm sure she would appeal to more people rather than just certain people at certain times. She's older now and her image isn't fun enough like Gwen Stefani or controversial enough like Britney Spears to sell out shows.

3. Rihanna.....and to this I say people are finally coming to their senses. But really....When she comes out with a new CD and the radio replaces RUDE BOY BOY with something equally as annoying I'm sure her shows will be sold out again. She's popular enough, she still has the Chris Brown disaster, she just needs new music....we're tired of hearing Rude Boy. Really. Tired. I wish she could come up with a lasting pop song. All of her songs are so fleety and annoying.

4. Lilith Fair? Who? Okay, after looking it up I've decided that it sounds like an amazing mix of my favorite 90s performers and IF I HAD HEARD ABOUT IT BEFORE I would probably go. However the organizers are not doing their jobs because KNOWING ABOUT IT is important.

So there. Revenue lost explained. I really don't get the argument when they get to the part about how Lady GaGa, Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift and Muse AREN'T having revenue lost. Oh, I don't know....maybe because they keep themselves RELEVANT, make GOOD music, are YOUTHFUL and appeal to the YOUTH CULTURE, are PROLIFIC. Some things musicians have to DO if they want to keep up their ticket sales. Jesus, LAZY these days.

Musicians are just whining about more money lost and need to step up their game and EARN their money by working the hard way.

Woo. Gear grinded Yahoo.

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