Friday, September 5, 2008

Hear Hear: Princess Superstar

What do you get when you mix an American, Jewish, female rapper and a Dutch DJ?


The vocals are by Princess Superstar, and the music is Exceeder by Mason. A beastly mix if I've ever heard one. (Ranking up there with Fedde Le Grand and Ida Corr). And this video is basically bad ass.

On another note, what is with this revival in workout videos? Not that it offends me or anything, but I just keep seeing them all over the place!
(Read: Eric Prydz's AMAZING video and Heidi Montag's hot mess of a video)

But really, Heidi's is just GOD-AWFUL. Her workouts aren't even following the rhythm. And it's hardly suggestive enough for my tastes. HEIDI FAIL. The song is horrid too. Low budget piece of shit.

I'll just stick with Eric and MasonxPrincess.

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