Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Comeback: LA Gear

When I think LA Gear I am not thinking "I WANT some LA Gear shoes." Let's face it, the shoes they make these days are crap.

God-awful shit.

While once popular in the 90s, LA Gear eventually fell off the grid. Although it's been re-released in past years, the new shoes are NOTHING compared to the original and LA Gear is in a bit of a slump. But now a group of fly ladies from Amsterdam are trying to restore the shoe to it's original glory.



What a grand collaboration! I'm personally feeling the satin liner and bows.

They plan on releasing 8 other colorways in addition to this one, and MAYBE (read: PROBABLY) if the Stardust does well enough they can work on more models!

Yes Please!

The shoes are available September 13 at places in Europe (BOOO), and Colette. (note: Be wary when ordering from international places because SHIPPING IS A RIP OFF. YES, I AM BITTER.)

From the Designers:
"We thought that if ladies go and stand in line for this shoe, we have to give them something special in return. So it’s not only the shoe that gives you a luxurious feeling with the soft infrared nubuck and the sweet magenta satin lining, it’s the whole package. The shoes come with an L.A. Gear x Patta tee and different colour laces, so you can knock yourself out rocking those old school checkerboard and weave lace-ups. And don’t forget the special infrared shoebox that nobody is going to want to throw away! "

I want this swag too! Why aren't there more parties in Miami?

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