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Summer is Coming

It's time to bust out the air conditioning and tank tops because winter is ending. So if you're looking for some new items to add to your wardrobe...then what better place to look for inspiration than from Game of Thrones!?

The Summer Shopping Guide:
Represent Your Favorite Game of Thrones House

Advance Warning: If you're a guy, sorry.

House Baratheon
"Ours is the Fury."

This hot headed family is always at war for some crown or another.

Whitetail Antler Ring
$59 at Etsy

Crown Ring
$9 at LuLu's
Cheap Alt: $1.99 at WanderlustINY
Antelope Ring
$11 at Style Nanda

Emphasis on the war part.

Off Duty Combat Boots
$78 at Nasty Gal
Kikkerland Broad Sword Umbrella
$32 on Amazon

House Stark
"Winter is coming."

Let's be real, for the Starks winter is always coming. Convert that fur frock into a vest and you are ready for summer!

Ghost vest
$90 at UStrendy
$250 on Curly Fur

Grey Wind vest
$29 on DJPremium
$70 on Tobi
Shaggydog vest
$80 at Lord & Taylor

But if you're feeling REALLY dedicated, adopt the best accessory of all time. A PUPPY.

White Husky
Adopt a dog from your local animal shelter or rescue group.
Seriously, they make your life so much happier.

House Targaryen
"Fire and Blood."

Perhaps you're looking for a new summer look? That signature Targaryen platinum does great things for confidence (and not so great things for hair health so approach with caution)!


And while dragons AREN'T real, there are some chic substitutes.

Ilaria Red Lizard Glasses
€319.00 at RetroSuperFuture

Givenchy Small Textured Bag
$1,600 but sold out :(
Still fabulous.
Night Fever Bag
$48 on Nasty Gal

Rose Pierre Water Snake Bracelet
$80 on Metropark
Dragon Claw Bracelet
$18 on Tobi

House Lannister
"Hear Me Roar!"

The Lannisters only deal in two currencies: sex and money.

Make-Up Tip:
Tone down that vibrant red lipstick fad of the past few years. Replace with this sensual red velvet a la Dolce and Gabbana SS'13.

Try: NARS Pure Matte Lipstick
in Mascate or Valparaiso
$26 at Sephora

Dolce and Gabbana Monica Voluptuous Lipstick in Cool Red
$33 at Sephora

Mainbocher Nude Embroidered Bodysuit
Vintage and Couture
"Ambitious DIY"-it:
Nude mesh one piece
Gold embellishments
Needle and thread

Make-Up Tip:
Finish a deep, cool red polish with a
matte top coat to get this stunning
(OPI Wocka Wocka in picture)

Try: NYC Matte Me Crazy
$2 at most drugstores and superstores

And don't forget, a Lannister always pays his debts.

Solid "Gold" Iphone Case
$5 on Amazon

Dolce and Gabbana Gold Sunglasses
Limited Edition
$Really Expensive MAYBE on Ebay

Cheap Alt:
$14 at Urban Outfitters
$40 at Urban Outfitters

Paint some regular glasses gold
Make-Up Tip:
Gold eye shadow makes the
eyes pop! Less blues,
more golds.

Try: NYX Gold Cream Eye Shadow
$8 at Nasty Gal


House Tyrell
"Growing Strong."

The world's most ambitious family needs the most ambitious accessory, a crown.
(Warning: Use fake flowers to ward of insects.)

Crown of Flowers
$42 on Filthy Magic

$148 on Free People
$32 on 80s Purple
$20 on Urban Outfitters

Flower Bandeau Top
$42 on 80s Purple

As it turns out, the Tyrell's are totally in right now...

Fairytale Flower Bracelet
$12.80 at Forever21
Floral Pocket Shorts
about $30 on Etsy
or DIY-it
Rose Sculpture Iphone Case
$4 on Amazon

And cabochons are the name of the game.

Floral Sunglasses
$30 on Etsy
$15 on Filthy Magic

Floral Cabochons
about $10 on Etsy

DIY-it: For the crafty fashionista, floral
cabochons are a must buy. You can
attach them to EVERYTHING. So
those floral sunglasses are too
expensive, DIY it!
Amorino Flower Gelato
Locations in
New York City and Europe.

House Greyjoy
"We Do Not Sow."

In the off chance you can't afford a boat, get a bike!!! And name it "Sea Bitch." Don't forget a helmet to break any...falls...
(Scooter helmet is a must because they look so much cooler.)

Colorful Bicycle
$379 at Solé Bicycle Co

Build your own Fixie
$399+ at Republic Bike
Biltwell El Fuerte Scooter Helmet
$99 at Biltwell

Disco Ball Helmet on Instructables
And don't forget to dress the part of its captain.

Kraken One Piece
$90 at Black Milk Clothing
Leather Harness
$100 at Zana Bayne

Nolita Rain Cape
$265 at Terra New York
Kraken Ring
$10 at LilyFair Jewelery


House Tully
"Family, Duty, Honor."

Oh the Tully's. Those foolish old river folk...Ruining shit for everyone else.
Fish Scale Bracelet
$18 on Etsy

Big Fish Umbrella
$28 at ModCloth

Feeling that simpler lifestyle? Spending days fishing at the river like the nice, moral, fair, innocent, religious person you are.

Floppy Summer Hat
$38 at American Apparel
Denim Short-All
(Worn just like this.)
$88 at American Apparel
Three Tier Cross Necklace
$18 at TOBI

House Arryn
"As High as Honor."

Probably the least present family in the I don't have much to work with except birds? Mountains?

Eagle Claw Earring
$3 at Fashion4You

Ray-Ban Reflective Aviators in (Sky) Blue
$154 at Sunglass Hut

Cheap Alt: $18 on TOBI

Add some natural materials to your wardrobe.

Indah Acid-Washed Maxi Dress
$121 at Urban Outfitters
Mountain Bamboo Ring
$20 on Etsy

Belmont Stone Sunglasses
$325 on Belmont
James Moto Black Acid-Washed Pants
$246 on James Jeans

House Martell
"Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken"

We might as well add uncovered. But who can blame them, the south is hot!

Mazzy Bikini Top
$220 at Agent Provocateur

Mazzy Bikini Bottom
$170 at Agent Provocateur

Michael Kors Spring/Summer 2013 Runway
Clear Plastic Cuffs
(Two is better than one. Also let it
be known that clear is my ABSOLUTE
favorite trend of the season. LOVE.)

$55 at Nasty Gal
$155 at Alexandra Blak

DIY-it: at Love Aesthetics

Karen Walker Super Duper Critter
Sunglasses in Gold

about $300 on eBay if you're lucky

Judas Spike Sandal
$120 on Nasty Gal
Beaded Barefoot Sandals
on Etsy
$15 on Luulla

Night's Watch
"Night gathers, and now my watch begins."

Or maybe summer is too bright for you, in which case you'll be needing some...obsidian.

Jeffrey Campbell Roscoe
Cutout Boot

$248 on Nasty Gal
Jeffrey Campbell DOA
$225 on Shopbop
Jeffrey Campbell Rosie Cutout Boot
$258 on Nasty Gal

Crow Hair Tie
$35 on Etsy

Gatsby Sunglasses
$Sold Out at Free People

Alt: Miss Brooks Sunglasses
$18 at Free People

The Maesters
"The Knights of the Mind."

Every good Maester is only as good as the links of his chain. On the same note, never trust a Maester without a chain.

Hot Metal Collar
$60 on Nasty Gal

Beauty Tip:
Metallic Nails. Amazing.
The only way I've heard about achieving this look is with fake, attachable nails. If only there was a polish this perfectly metallic.
Chain Link Belt
$16 on TOBI

"House" Varys
"A little bird told me..."

If the master of secrets actually had hair it would be big and full of secrets.

Evil Eye Pendant
$5.99 at Looback Fashion Store

Beauty Tip:
Big, voluminous, lengthy bangs.

He also knows his way around a disguise. It is, after all, the best way to uncover ~secrets~.

Beauty Tip:
Add some bold colors to your eyebrows
for something completely different. People
with bold eyebrows are very photographic,
trust me I'm a photographer.

Beauty Tip:
Incognito Eye Mask for a fun night
out. You could do the traditional
black, but that gets depressing quickly.
Try bright colors instead.

Diamond Eye Shades
(aka Merman Shades)

$40 at Nasty Gal

Beauty Tip:
I absolutely LOVE ombre hair, and it kills
me that I can never have it because color
chemicals would actually fry my overtreated
hair. Which is why this chalk is so perfect!
Get the ombre without the damage.

Ombre Hair Chalk
$14 on Free People

The Wildlings
"The king beyond the wall!"

Get in touch with nature, for it may be your only friend.

Iron Fist Wishbone II Tee
$25 on Dress Code Clothing

£24.99 at Iron Fist

Fake Gauge Bone Earring
about $20 on Etsy

Beauty Tip:
Contrast thick, sweeping lines with short repeated ones to make your eyes pop. And add some edge to your look.

Luxury Jones Night Out Boots
$400 at Solestruck
Patched Twill Herringbone Pants
$128 at Free People
Herschel Supply Packable Daypack
$30 at Karmaloop

The Kingsguard
"The White Cloaks."

The modern knight is a little different than the medieval one.

Long Studio Dress
$159 at Zara
UNIF Harness Dress in Pink
$118 at Karmaloop
UNIF Stray Dress
$115 at UNIF

Opening Armor Ring
$10 at Urban Outfitters
Erin Wasson Chain Mail  Bag Necklace
$220 at 80s Purple
Cutout Armor Ring
$14 at Urban Outfitters

And that's a wrap. This damn post was as epic as the books.

Warning: Every link I've posted, I would trust to buy from. But if you don't trust the website, don't use it. So shop at your own discretion!

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