Thursday, April 25, 2013

It's a Hard Knock Life For Producers

Have you heard about the latest drama in the EDM world? Will.I.Am (of Black Eyed Peas fame) blatantly stole, and later admitted to it, a song by Mat Zo and Arty for his new album. It's kind of sad that this happens often, like nobody respects DJs rights to their work. It's not unlike how photographers and graphic designers get shit on and ripped off for their work too.

At any rate...
Let's take the attention off of the negative energy, and focus on the positive. Mat Zo is an amazing and very much underrated artist. He deserves recognition for songs OTHER than the one the radio is about to brutalize. And I really loved Rebound. =

Here is a Mat Zo song that gives me life. It is perfect, ephemeral, angelic and stunning (hereby: PEAS). He deserves all the money and love this song earns him.

So many good feels.

So next time you hear Will.I.Am's "Let's Go", remember Mat Zo. Remember The Sky.

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