Sunday, April 4, 2010

Vintage Daft

I'm super excited about this facebook effort to get Daft Punk to play at Voodoo Fest 2010, since this is the greatest year ever and Daft Punk will be going on world tour hopefully and they definitely have new music coming out soon because they did the score for Tron Legacy that is coming out in DECEMBER. Oh God this year will be great.

Note: Shameless plug for anyone on facebook who cares about seeing Daft Punk at Voodoo to join the group, yah?

At any rate, here is some vintage Daft Punk from a time when advertisements were apparently amazing even though the product was GOD-AWFUL.

Can Gap.....or anyone for that matter....please do more ads with Daft Punk? I mean....that denim is AWFUL but paired with Daft Punk I kind of feel like shopping at the Gap right now.

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